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Business solutions are undergoing rapid and radical changes each year. The current era is one of marketing and one-to-one business that directly attracts and retains customers. A good business needs a platform that can collect constant feedback from customers to effectively develop creative strategies that help attract new customers and retain the loyalty of existing customers. Customer behavioral patterns are always in transition with trends changing very fast. New business models that keep pace with the changing trends using creative methods are likely to attract and retain their loyal customer base. The success of the firm depends on the creative methods employed to reach to the mind and heart of the customer.

Traditionally, business focused on location specific shops, however, online shops and marketing have shifted the realm of sales into virtual showrooms that span the globe. E-business platforms have helped in this transition to seamless shopping, anytime, anywhere. There is delivery on demand, savings on time and the ability to compare prices at the click of a mouse besides checking for best bargain deals. E business, however, needs a sound strategy to succeed.

Building the brand

The value of a Brand still holds the key to make decisions. People prefer a time tested brand over a new startup. The best way to build brand is to meet the precise needs of the customer and e-business solution is an ideal opportunity to do this. The business solution should be built from the customer point of view rather than from the company point of view. Remember, the brand will get the customer to the site but retaining the interest of the customer depends on how interesting the site is. The e-business solutions should be easy to understand for the customer, simple without clutter, and easy to navigate through. Tailor the shopping experience with e business to different customer needs and shopping occasions. A virtual show room that can incorporate a salesman voice over will go a long way in re- creating the shopping experience for visitors.

A chat room that can address customer grievances is a good tool to reflect the openness and transparency of the company . Remember, grievance forums also attract comments from customers who have had a pleasant experience and may serve as brand ambassadors. Chat rooms can be hosted by department personnel and the users can address the problems and grievances directly with the host and the host can solve the issues faster leading to better customer relations management.

When providing e-business solution we should try to help customer being able to get a personalized e-mail. Personalized e-mails will reassure the customer that he or she is an important part of the business. Feedback from customers should be used in product development so that new solutions are used to change the life of the customer and surprise the customer.

Blog marketing

E business solutions should incorporate the power of blogs or online journals into their web site. The power of community forums can be used effectively to understand the opinion and solutions from vocal customers. The blogs can promote products, tips to use a product and troubleshooting. Blogs, positioned properly, also attract attention to the website.

Buzz marketing

Buzz marketing goes a long way in retaining customers .When customers encounter new product or service, and are happy with these, they pass the information to their friends. The channels used are e-mail, blog services, and chat groups.

Latest tools

Technology has ensured that e-business is here to stay but the real threat is poised by mobile marketing. Companies should be averse to this meeting of technology as more mobile users are coming up with handsets that can effectively use mobile commerce transactions. Many countries have a large population potential that is untapped for mobile commerce applications and your company should be willing to venture into this personalized solution to leave the customer gasping for more. Customers can avail of ease of transaction, speed and convenience when offered these methods.

Marketing developed by mood

Customers have lost sentiment in demographic segments and mass consumption is not considered to be bad in this era. People change their style of living according to mood and customers are fed well with variety of choices. For example, teenage males do not shy away from spending on beauty care products when compared with previous generation.

Getting Young

The world is getting younger as the days pass by with teenage population having more disposable income in their grasp. Increase in purchase power has translated to greater spending on items like mobile, clothes, fashion and even dining out or takeaways. The jet-setting life style has ensured the scope of e-business is here to stay. This has to be effectively tapped by companies by promoting and providing resources that save time.

Search engine optimization

Search engines can be used effectively to promote e-business solutions and this has to be done to ensure that the website is visible or stays visible in searches. There are enough search engine optimization methods but the most important are the design and the content layout of the website. Both have to be attractive to the customers but satisfying the core needs of the search engine tools. Key words have to be inserted in an effective manner.

Solutions like these will not ensure the success of e-business just like bigger salary does not ensure the retention of best talent. For e-business to become viable in the long run an effective solution management based on customer perception and satisfying the need and desire of the company is necessary to keep ahead of the competition.

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