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Mobile Apps Development

Mobile application is a term used to describe Internet applications that run on smart phones and other mobile devices. It helps users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed from desktop or notebook computers, or helps them to surf the Internet from portable devices.

A mobile app may be a mobile Web site bookmarking utility, a mobile-based instant messaging client, Gmail for mobile, and many other applications. These applications entertain, communicate and provide useful information - It can be a minute to minute weather forecasting message service, updates, scores and schedules of sporting events around the world or even trading and portfolio management of financial portfolios for individuals.

More importantly they provide a very powerful vehicle for brand communication.

Mobile Apps for Marketing
There are several specific reasons that mobile apps are especially well suited for advertising and marketing, but fundamentally it is because they can provide a richer and more compelling user experience.

For brands, mobile applications are a unique way to engage consumers and plunge them into a branded environment in which there will be more sensitivity to the brand messages.

A Wide Variety of Applications
Taking full advantage of these features has enabled brands and agencies to come up with applications that are very popular with specific customer segments. There are several ways that mobile apps are being used for advertising and marketing.

Some apps are "branded applications", where the application provides entertainment or a service, and also carries a brand message at the same time. A good example of this would be the "Get In There Tools" from Lynx, or the F1 mobile game from PUMA. Each of these provides entertainment to the consumer, but also includes branding.

"When consumers play a great F1 java game on their mobile, and they see ads around the track, they are receiving a brand message while having fun. This is extremely valuable!"
Think of it as a browser on the phone dedicated entirely to your company's brand. An application that resides in the phone with only one destination-- yours. Your content. Your interactive campaigns. Your customers connecting directly to you. Handset-resident applications provide a more elegant experience that, again, consumers use throughout the day. They might combine fresh streaming video and music with image galleries, life-style information, news, blogging, offers, and interactive features that survey consumers and help sell products-- such as coupons for merchandise

In some other cases, the application itself can be completely about the brand. For example, Chanel has released a mobile application that allows consumers to keep up to date with everything related to Chanel – the fashion shows, store openings, art exhibits, etc. It lets a consumer that is very interested in fashion build a strong attachment to the brand. As important interactive applications become "advertainment" for consumers, who form an affinity with the brand, consumers view their cell phones as an extension of themselves and these applications as part of their personal lifestyle. 

Also, many mobile apps can be used even when there is not a data connection. This allows the consumer to interact with the brand in more places and at more times. A sponsored mobile game would be a good example of this kind of mobile app.
At WSPG we provide the best mobile applications for your business needs. Our expert team will guide you to get mobile applications noticeable for the incredibly impatient user. With an increasingly growing number of IPhone, IPad users it is inevitable that you get your business available at finger tips.

We create wonderful and noteworthy apps which will help you hit the headlines, and provide the competitive edge in business world at WSPG.


  1. You can find experienced IPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry Application Developers at WSPG
  2. We are experts in designing classic customized art and graphics for mobile apps
  3. Spot the Specialists for developing web interfaces for IPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android applications at WSPG
  4. We Utilize the latest and unique features of IPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices

Relevance in today's market

Text-message marketing campaigns are a good first step in mobile marketing and -- due largely to their relative novelty -- produce much higher response rates than internet-based email campaigns. However, text-message campaigns carry limitations. They generally elicit a simple, one-time response from the consumer. As a result, the marketer is unable to re-engage with the consumer and advance the relationship

Mobile app development for your business is becoming a must if you want to have global presence as well as give your products and services that extra edge.

A consumer-brand company that offers a complete mobile application gains a continuous interactive relationship with the consumer. A direct connection to the consumer is attained each time he or she uses the application. Interactions with the consumer take place gracefully within the application, avoiding more cumbersome and limited text messaging.
Consumers can easily download an interactive application over the air to their cell phones or find the application already resident on their handsets. Handset-resident applications are well suited to reaching the over-30 demographic, since adults are less inclined to use or respond to text messaging than teens. In addition, interactive applications have website-like graphical user interfaces that adults are familiar and comfortable with. 

Smart phones have immense potential to increase your business, as it's easy to use, handy and most importantly it has the mobility. The Application development for mobile apps are not just limited to businesses but for a large pool of industries like, Travel, Games, Messaging, Navigation, Social networking, Entertainment, Finance, Education, Health, Fitness, Productions etc.

If you have any requirements for mobile app developments whether personal or business, please go-through the details and feel free to contact us for the application development.

Fields of Mobile App Development

  • Entertainment
  • GPS and Maps
  • Games
  • Messaging
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Navigation
  • Social Networking
  • Music & Video
  • Books & Dictionaries
  • Business & Finance
  • Kids
  • Tools & Utilities (Search, Weather, Calculate, etc)
  • Lifestyle
  • Utility
  • Photography
  • Productivity
  • Education & Learning

Mobile App Development Path
We offer software design and development for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, IPad and Websites of course. The path of Mobile application development involves App concept development to actual development then marketing and promotion of the application.

Steps followed in Application Development:


IPhone App Development
The approach for iPhone App Development is highly systemic and organized. We coordinate with clients and supplement with their ideas, business needs and every other detail related to development.

Our iPhone App developers are skilled in Apple's developer tools like X-code, Cocoa Touch framework and Objective C. Leveraging the best of Apple's technologies and using Cocoa's APIs, iPhone app programmers create a tightly-integrated X-code development experience that makes adding animation, appearance and behavior to applications.

Apps Marketing and Promotions

We prefer associating ourselves in the process of marketing and promotions of the application on Apple Store. We go through approval process and we work towards marketing and promoting the app to increase its visibility online.

Android App Development
Android is an open source mobile application development platform. The Android handset market is fast growing, which means there is a huge scope for BRANDing your custom applications. Android developers can create advanced mobile applications with a lot of ease and Android applications are easy to install.

At WSPG we offer cost effective Android applications development, our skilled dedicated Android associates will work with Client from the Inception to completion of the project. Our professionals have good expertise in Android App development and have wide experience in Android SDK. WSPG not only helps you in Android App development, but also lends its hands in Signing, Licensing and Publishing Android Apps.

The examples of android mobile applications are location-based tools, travel guides, games, and many utility applications. The android applications are presently used extensively by companies involved in Sales, Manufacturing, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, entertainment, games and many more.

Blackberry App Development
WSPG has a highly matured approach in development of Blackberry Applications which helps in offering outstanding solutions to clients from diverse industrial background. The blackberry applications exploit some of the following industries viz., Education, Entertainment, Finance, Media, Health, Maps, Travel, Weather, Utilities.

Our Blackberry team has a rich and varied experience in development of applications and utilities. Whatever the size of your application, big or small we can provide you with a cost effective development model. Enterprise data access, business intelligence, process automation necessitates professional applications development strategy. At WSPG you can find highly skilled professionals to handle such complex applications.

Our highly skilled developers provide end-to-end solution with niche skills set in JDK, Eclipse, Blackberry JDEs, and Blackberry JDE plug-in for eclipse.

IPad App Development
WSPG promises that your idea will be transformed into a brilliant and amazing app for IPad. We develop IPad Apps and provide support in taking it to App Store. Although IPad application development is very much like IPhone; IPad has more appealing features for the users. We are aware of the Gaps between the IPhone and IPad; this enhances IPad

App services for our clients.
WSPG provides the following services for IPAD: App development, Custom App development, Web application development, Migration and Maintenance.



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