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In this article, we will analyze the considerations to design a truly custom website for your company. Surveys show that only 6% of ´Custom Website Designs´ achieve the intended results. Though the rest 94% were unique in their graphics and layout, the viewers could not connect with them.

Custom Website Design Characteristics

Will attractive and unique graphics make your website a custom one for your business?

A Custom Website Design must develop brand image of your services, provide easy navigation, increase visibility on the web, and provide a pleasant viewing experience. Such designs must integrate marketing strategies, technology, and creativity to extend your brand world-class Internet presence.

The obvious challenge is to customize and create a truly usable website design for multiple service lines audience with diverse personal backgrounds and analytical skills.

Custom Website Designs build Brand Equity

An intelligently designed, truly customized website will indisputably build your brand equity. Always begin with that purpose in your mind. It is easy to lose that perspective during the website design process. Brand equity - a measurement of your brand's customer awareness - can be built through tangible functional attributes or intangible emotional attributes. A functional, effective and attractive Custom Website Design for your home page can directly contribute to the intangible emotional attributes that build a compelling distinction about your brand. You should always spend sufficient time on your business plan to develop a unique selling proposition to position your brand on the web as well as on other channels. A customer-centric style is preferred to the other styles of website design for building your company's brand and customers' e-loyalty thru providing efficient services. You can read more about different styles and methodologies used by Professional Custom Website Design Services Companies, on our Professional Website Design page.

Custom Website Designs – Intuitive information retrieval

Organizing the information on your website pages to enhance users' experience is a key aspect of a truly customized website. Surveys show that an effective 30-second information retrieval by a new visitor to your website will persuade the viewer to explore your website further, to seek services from your company. This is distinctively important for landing sites of eCommerce services companies. The form of information that creates an identity for your services and products can be graphical, printed or auditory. You should carefully evaluate the pros and cons of incorporating auditory information before you choose to do so. Another step to enable effective information exchange between your website and visitor is to have the website made available to vast majority of the viewers' monitor resolutions on various browsers. Many visitors are often turned away by resolutions that are inappropriate to their monitor settings.

A recent study showed that about 80% of all monitors are set at 1024x768 resolutions or higher. Custom website design you develop for your company's services should be optimized for the best part of your target viewers, but still need to be user-friendly for people operating at other resolutions.

Soothing looks of a truly Custom Website Design

Your website is the interface of your business services to the web world and needs to be custom-made for your target viewers. When designing a website, it is essential to analyze how graphics, color and other text information will be retrieved, processed and manipulated by human mind. You can intelligently use color and graphics on your websites to lure attention to important services information or links on your website. Psychological aspects of color, information layout, text size, graphical effects and size of your logo must be evaluated to arrive at the best website design, exclusively customized for your company’s service audience.

Custom Website Design – Psychology of color
Are colors transitory? Do we still like the same colors that we liked a decade ago?

It’s worthwhile to analyze why a few great marketing companies of our time have consistently picked a specific color for advertising their promotional campaigns and for designing their websites. You may have noticed that American Express, Citibank and Microsoft have their websites designed with a heavy emphasis on the blue color, one of the primary natural colors from Newton’s color wheel. These great marketing companies of our time always make us think! Many commercial off-the-shelf enterprise resource packages used a light gray as the screen background in the late 90s, but now they use white screen background.

Custom Website Design – Effective layout

Developing a good information layout requires a few takes and you should plan on doing a couple of iterations of layout prototypes to make sure that the information architecture enables the navigation interface. Prototypes are a good way to get a nice ‘look and feel’ and also to develop relations between various components of the website design. This should be done during the early stages of the project because any potential redesign after you have invested in the project may cause cost overruns.

The article on our Graphic Website Design Services page underscores the design factors that facilitate intuitive information retrieval using appropriate layout and color schemes. There is also more information on this page about using the appropriate amount of graphics to optimize the loading time for your web pages. There is more general information related to website design services on the following pages:

Our Small Business Website Design Services page article enumerates the aspects of developing a functional and an effective design for a small business website. Advantages and disadvantages of having a Flash-enabled website are listed on our Flash Website Design Services page. The success factors for designing an eCommerce Website are outlined on our eCommerce Web Development Services page.

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